In 2004, the most significant development among the subsidiaries owned by PT Dynaplast Tbk., was the divestment of shares in PT Dynaplast Cubic Indonesia (DCI). The sale of DCI allowed the Company to focus on its core business. In terms of operations, each of these subsidiaries had to respectively adjust their operational and financial performances with the increase in raw material prices, mid-year weakening of the Rupiah, the implementation of new pricing schedules, and an increase in production orders as a result of renewed consumer activity.

PT Sanpak Unggul
Originally established in 1990, PT Sanpak Unggul is engaged in the manufacture of quality plastic bottles and closures primarily for the laundry and detergent industries. Its acquisition in January 2000 made Dynaplast the largest rigid plastic packaging company in Indonesia. Dynaplast currently maintains a 99.9% stake in this company. In response to the increase in raw material prices, PT Sanpak immediately initiated additional cost efficiency measures and adopted a new pricing scheme. With the renewed consumer activity, PT Sanpak also endeavored to maximize production capacity and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the quality of every product produced. As a result, the Company generated Net Sales and Operating Profits of Rp 77.4 billion and Rp 10.2 billion, respectively. At year-end 2004, PT Sanpak realized a Net Profit of Rp 7.3 billion

PT Rexplast Corporation
Based in Surabaya, PT Rexplast Corporation manufactures quality plastic bottles, closures, 5-layer cosmetic tubes, 6-layer plastic bottles and toothbrushes for the leading personal care, motor oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries in East Indonesia. PT Rexplast Corporation is a joint venture with Rheem (Far East) Pte Ltd (Singapore) since 1994, with Dynaplast owning 51% stake.
In 2004, PT Rexplast completed the second phase installation of a new multi-layer production line. This new production line offers Dynaplast's clients more product versatility and higher quality at highly competitive prices. PT Rexplast was able to post Net Sales of Rp 139.9 billion, Operating Profits of Rp 28.0 billion and a Net Profit of Rp 15.4 billion.

Berli Dynaplast Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
In 2003, Dynaplast increased its stake in Berli Prospack Co., Ltd. from 49% to 51%. Renamed to Berli Dynaplast Co., Ltd., this company is an established, rigid plastic packaging company in Thailand, producing quality plastic bottles and closures for the cosmetics, personal care, lubricant, chemical, pharmaceutical and dairy food industries.
Since Dynaplast purchased a 49% share in this company in 2000, Berli has consistently improved and currently contributes a significant 15.1% share of the Company's consolidated Net Sales. In 2004, although the company managed to improve its revenue to THB 500.6 million (Rp 111.6 billion), the Net Profit was much lower due to the higher raw material prices, which was initially more difficult to pass on to the customers. Net Profit for 2004 was only THB 8.56 million (Rp 1.9 billion).