2010 Invested in Cube Injection molding technology, Established Dynaplast 8

2007 Signed agreement with Weener Plastics Germany, Rated A- by Pefindo

2006 Established technical collaboration with Weener (Germany) and PT IML Technology a JV with OTHOMI

2005 Received recognition from Forbes magazine as one of the world's "Best Small Companies".

2004 Completed Dynaplast Packaging Co. Ltd. in Vietnam. Awarded "Asia's Best Companies 2004" by Finance Asia magazine.

2003 Completed the construction and commenced operations of the company's first production facility dedicated to manufacture PET bottles for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Became the majority shareholder in Thai affiliate Berli Prospack Co. Ltd. Implemented SAP system which went online January 2004. Cited by Forbes magazine anew on its list of the world's "200 Best Small Companies" and by Asia Money magazine on its listing of "Best Small Companies".

2002 Credit rating upgraded from BBB+ to A by Pefindo, Indonesia's independent credit rating agency. Cited by Forbes magazine on its list of The world's 200 Best Small Companies and recognized by Asia Money magazine as one of Indonesia's Best Managed Companies.

2001 Completed Dynaplast Cileungsi, the first injection in-line production facilities with one of our initial customers (PT Citra Kreasi Perkasa – Philips) to support their home appliance business. Formed a strategic alliance with Bericap Singapore to setup PT Bericap Indonesia. PT Rexplast Corporation achieved a preferred supplier status for home and personal care division from PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

2000 The Company is the first plastic molding company in Indonesia to obtain the ISO 9001 (2000) management system quality standard. PT Dynaplast is selected for the second consecutive year as one of Indonesia's "Best Managed Companies" by Asia Money Magazine.

1999 PT Dynaplast is selected as one of Indonesia's "Best Managed Companies" by Asia Money, and as one of the World's "300 Best Small Companies" by Forbes Magazine. PT Dynaplast acquires a 49% equity stake in Berli Prospack Ltd, a plastic molding and injection company with operations in Thailand.

1997 PT Dynaplast Cubic Indonesia is established as a joint venture with Cubic Co. Ltd of Japan.

1996 A Technical Agreement is signed with Schoeller Wavin Trepak International (Netherlands) to produce plastic bottle crates.

1995 The Company becomes the first plastic molding company in Indonesia to obtain the internationally recognized ISO 9002 quality standard.

1993 The Company and the Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) sets up PT Summitplast Interbenua.

1991 PT Dynaplast is simultaneously listed on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges on August 5.

1979 PT National Electric Wire Ltd is renamed PT Dynaplast as business focus shifts to plastic injection molding.

1959 The Company is established as PT National Electric Wire Ltd., a manufacturer of PVC encapsulated electric cables.